(Forward order) Trivium S12 - Lightweight Full Carbon Dragonboat paddle


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Currently Trivium are experiencing a production backlog causing long production times. Currently we are waiting for our order to be fulfilled ETA July. Get in touch with us on 0405750424 for more details.


Hand made in small batches these lightweight paddles are unbelievably lightweight allowing you to speed up your recovery slice into the catch and out at the exit with ease.


The Trivium S12 - Utilises the best carbon and kevlar fibres to allow for a super lightweight and stiff paddle.

Monocoque technology used in the construction process also dismisses the need for any additional connections between blade and shaft - this removes any weaknesses which can be found in paddles in which the blade and shaft are joined together.

This paddle complies with IDBF standards and is 202a approved (Licence number: 3051).

Approx weight 340g (Fixed length).


2 year manufacturer warranty