G'Power Falcon II Elite - Australia Special Edition - Full Carbon dragonboat paddle

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Expected release date is 1st May 2023

Special Australia Edition! Limited quantities will be made!

Lightweight carbon paddle built for the Dragon Boat paddler wanting a winning edge over their competition.

The G'Power Falcon II - Carbon, Utilises 3K carbon fibres which have been successfully used for several years in the production of high performance sports equipment.

Monocoque technology used in the construction process also dismisses the need for any additional connections between blade and shaft - this removes any weaknesses which can be found in paddles in which the blade and shaft are joined together.

Also available with QNECT adjustable length system which is perfect for those paddlers who find themselves paddling in different seats in the boat or find themselves needing to adjust their paddle length to match the crew composition or style of craft.

This paddle complies with IDBF standards and is 202a approved (Licence number: 3122).

Approx weight 380g (Fixed length).


12 Month manufacturer warranty